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Musik Installationen Nürnberg is a festival for music as performative spatial art. From July 7–10, 2022, eight musical installations will be presented simultaneously at various locations and institutions in Nuremberg over four days. There are constant and temporary spaces. Some open and close, others are always there.
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  • SB – Space Between
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  • Neues Museum Nürnberg
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  • Heizhaus
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  • Z-Bau
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  • Ehemaliges Reichsparteitagsgelände
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  • Borgo
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  • N.N.
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    • Tickets ▶ Reservix

      From end of may, day tickets and festival passes will be available for sale via a link, including admission to all venues and the festival centre. It will also be possible to purchase a group ticket at a lower price as a family of choice.

      The performance times of the projects in the programme are provisional and will be finalised one week before the festival begins.

    • Places & Festival Centre

      All definite venues can be found in this map view.

      In addition to the eight projects spread throughout the city, there will be a festival centre in the city. The address of the locations can be found in the project descriptions. The addresses of the still open venues and the festival centre will follow.

      If you have any questions, please contact us here: info@musikinstallationen.com

    • Overnight Stay

      Nuremberg offers a variety of accommodation ⁠– from hotels to hostels, holiday flats from private owners and AirBnB rooms. We recommend orienting yourself to the centre, but the outer districts are also easily accessible. We can also recommend two hotels with festival discount:

      Bahnhofstraße 1–3, 90402 Nuremberg

      Until 09 June 2022 you can book a room under this link between 7 and 9 July at the festival discount price of SR 109 € and DR 129 €, each including breakfast.

      Bahnhofstraße 18, 90402 Nuremberg

      Until 01 July 2022 you can book a room under this link between 7 and 10 July at the festival preferential price of SR 89,00 EUR and DR 99,00 EUR, each excluding breakfast.

  • About
  • Musik Installationen Nürnberg is a festival for music as performative spatial art. In a departure from the closedness of historically linear thinking and the associated dramaturgies of Western-influenced art music, this festival seeks the openness and expanse of musical landscapes, and thus aims to valorise space and spatiality as a central musical moment of experience. Accordingly, music installations are musical-performative situations that represent a fundamentally different understanding of spatiality and temporality and thus take into account a non-linear understanding of history that tends to situate us in a perpetual, opaque present.

    Formally, they place themselves precisely in an as yet unexplored intermediate field of performing arts, in clear demarcation from already existing art forms: in similar temporality to sound art, but with living musicians’ bodies; in similar intermediality to opera, but without its narrative dramaturgy; in similar devotion to the acoustic as a concert, but without its segmenting temporal politics and stage situation. The Music Installations concentrate on works that create a spatially and temporally de-hierarchised exhibition situation for the audience.

    Musik Installationen Nürnberg is a four-day festival from 7–10 July 2022 that presents eight musical installations at various locations and institutions in Nuremberg more or less simultaneously. The audience is invited to move freely and individually between the installations in the city, getting to know not only the different works but also their context in Nuremberg.

    The festival is founded and directed by the editor and curator Bastian Zimmermann and the composer and curator Laure M. Hiendl. Zimmermann publishes the magazine “Positionen – Texte zur aktuellen Musik” and has worked for many years as a dramaturge for a variety of music theatre and performance productions. Since 2018, he curates the series “Music for Hotel Bars”. Hiendl’s work as a composer and performer moves in the interstitial spaces of concert, performance, music theater, and installation. Hiendl received their doctorate from George Lewis at Columbia University in New York and is an assistant professor* of composition at the University Mozarteum Salzburg.

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