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    The music theatre duo Benjamin van Bebber and Leo Hofmann have been developing performances and installations in which they explore music as a means of encounter. In Nuremberg, they will inhabit the Borgo together with the London dance and music duo Jonathan Burrows/Matteo Fargion and the musician Francesca Fargion. They will live, work and receive guests in the community space of Nuremberg artists for the duration of the festival. In a homely ambience, they will invite you to their salon, invent rituals of musical hospitality, cook, sing and serve tea. People can talk, be silent, listen and perhaps even make music together.

    The Hamburg music theatre director Benjamin van Bebber and the Zurich composer-performer Leo Hofmann have been working together intensively since 2014, focusing on sound, voice and music as possibilities of communication and resonance. They understand music theatre as a place where social negotiations take place through a practice of making music and listening. As a duo or with changing collaborators, the duo has shown various music theatres, performances and installations at Kampnagel Hamburg, the Elbphilharmonie, Radialsystem Berlin, Ballhaus Ost and Theater Neumarkt Zurich, among others.

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    Borgo Ensemble e.V. — For Art and Friendship
    Holzschuherstrasse 8
    90439 Nuremberg

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  • Participating Artists
  • Benjamin van Bebber

    Leo Hofmann

    Jonathan Burrows

    Matteo Fargion

    Francesca Fargion

    Lea Burkhalter

  • Dramaturgy
  • Bastian Zimmermann