• Emerging from Jan St. Werner’s class at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, Dynamische Akustische Forschung (DAF) is an independent collective which explores sound as an unstable art form that merges with other disciplines yet makes strong claims to disciplinary autonomy. The collective works with self-built technology and relies heavily on the aspect of co-developing space-activating ideas and tools through sound.

    Within the framework of the festival, DAF is dedicated to the characteristics and effects of nomadic sound in public space. In cooperation with „Interpret*innenkammer“, an interdisciplinary collective of musicians, composers, artists and designers based in Bremen, DAF will create a movement through Nuremberg in the form of forays. A studio mobilizes and explores the city, seeks out non-places and camps at infrastructural nodes adding temporary architectures. In the process, sound picks up speed, distributes itself compositionally at different times of the day in the urban space and condenses at fixed stopping points into happenings and interventions. Chosen for their low threshold, bicycles will carry the studio becoming moving sound sculptures and functioning as a means of transportation, as mobile sound generators, listening and recording devices, and amplifiers of the urban soundscape. Visitors are invited to join the forays by bike, be part of the performances and come together with us over a shared meal afterwards at our base. At these gatherings we will converse and exchange over the joint experiences creating a social sediment of what has happened in the exhibition space.

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