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    Nile Koetting presents Downtime Salon, a site-specific waiting room for SB – Space Between.

    Located in the middle of the Steinbühl S-Bahn station on a barren staircase and busy forecourt, Koetting has developed a listening-focused waiting room environment where festival goers are invited to rest, listen, and kill time as they transition from one festival event to the next.

    Inspired by his experience working in the service industry in Japan where BGM (background music) is flooded into every social environment, Koetting worked with artist Reece Cox to curate a selection of 14 composers to produce long-form compositions serving as background music. Throughout each day of the festival, visitors can listen to these works for any duration of their choosing. Populating the walls of the space are LED screens displaying detailed analysis of each composition produced using a music analysis engine called Cyanite, similar to technology used by streaming services to read ‘mood’ or ‘vibe’ of songs to then produce algorithmic playlists. Alongside the Cyanite graphs, visitors will find virtual festival schedules, train timetables, and bespoke animations produced collaboratively with artist Rina Cho.

    By day, Downtime Salon is a public space for visitor information and restful listening. Each evening it will transform into a sleep session room, where a limited number of visitors may stay overnight and experience a special composition for sleep produced by composer Hideki Umezawa.

    Due to the limited number of overnight treatments, reservations are necessary for the individual nights.

    To reserve one of the 4 sleeping places on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, please write an email to with the code word “Good Sleep” in the subject line.

    Important note: At the moment all sleeping places are taken. For spontaneously available slots, please check the Telegram channel @musikinstallationen.



    5:00pm—12:00am Waiting Room


    01:00am—09:00am Sleeping Room (reservation only)
    11:00am—11:00pm Waiting Room


    01:00am—09:00am Sleeping Room (reservation only)
    11:00am—11:00pm Waiting Room


    01:00am—09:00am Sleeping Room (reservation only)
    11:00am—08:00pm Waiting Room

  • Address

    SB – Space Between
    S-Bahn Station Nuremberg-Steinbühl
    Steinbühler Tunnel
    90443 Nuremberg

  • Opening Hours
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  • Participating Artists
  • Claire Rousay

    Spencer Doran & Yoshio Ojima


    Geoff Witcher & Jack Callahan

    Armin Lorenz Gerald

    Courtesy & Alex Kassian

    Li Yilei


    Flashlight O

    Sydney Spann

    Dania (paralaxe editions)

    Hideki Umezawa

    Nozomu Matsumoto

    Reece Cox (music and audio curation)

    Rina Cho (Visual and character design)

    Yoshihiro Inada (Videography)

    Benjamin Maus (System design)

  • Dramaturgy
  • Bastian Zimmermann

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